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Convalescent Personal Care

William Flaiz convalescent care personal care

When caring for a convalescent patient, a lot of emphasis is placed on treating and caring for wounds, injuries and surgical sites. General personal care and hygiene must be attended to as well, including things such as bathing, keeping nails and hair groomed. Not only does tending to these needs prevent physical degradation, but personal care also lifts the spirit as well.
A doctor may have recommended regular sitz baths to alleviate rectum pain. But, what is a sitz bath? A sitz bath is a portable basin kept bedside or used in a toilet bowl to immerse and submerge the hips and groin in gentle warm water, sometimes with additional Epsom salts added. A doctor may prescribe this to treat hemorrhoids, clean wounds in the lower groin area, or to help heal after giving birth.  The warm water of a sitz bath is soothing and the additional salts work to fight bacteria.
In the same sense that an emesis basin is necessary to caring for wounds and surgical sites, a wash basin is essential to keeping the rest of the body clean when a patient does not have the necessary mobility to care for themselves.
Finding a sense of normalcy might not seem like a lot. When feeling vulnerable, using the best nail clippers and personal care products may make it feel like one is back home. Add a set of steel nail clippers from Budget Medical Supplies along with some filing boards, lotion and nail polish, to quickly turn the ordinary bedroom into a salon. It’s these special moments with Caregivers that makes it feel like everything will be ok.

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