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Knee Walkers & Scooters for Mobility

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Introducing the Knee Walker

If you’re having problems being as mobile as you’d like to be, you may need to consider using a knee walker. It’s ideal to choose the best type of knee scooter device that suits your individual situation. For many people, a wheelchair is the best choice, while other people can perform well with crutches, canes or walkers. However, a relative newcomer to the world of mobility devices is the knee walker. This is an up-to-date device that has other names, such as the knee scooter, roll about or knee roller. The good news is that knee walkers and these other devices all have one thing in common, and that is there is  a small bench or cushion that's supported on three or four wheels, guided by a set of handles like a bicycle. Using an adult knee walker is super easy and an effective method of helping you to be more mobile independently.

Benefits of Knee Walkers and Scooters for Mobility

Knee walkers are primarily for people with injuries or chronic conditions below the knee. The numerous benefits of a knee scooter are easy to distinguish; they offer stability as well as ease of use. Relying on an adult knee scooter is much easier than using canes, crutches or walkers. Knee scooters are effective mobility aids that allow for the most consistent use of the rider's body.  Your weight is more evenly distributed naturally over both legs as the body is kept in a natural standing position. Since the hands of a knee scooter aren't occupied with holding onto the grips to stay upright, as with crutches or canes, they're free to perform tasks as usual. There are health benefits as well that include extended, improper use of underarm crutches can result in damage to the auxiliary nerve and this makes a knee roller even a better choice for you.

What to Look for in a Knee Walker

Some of the top features to look for on a knee walker depend on where and how you'll personally be using it. It’s idea to look for features, such as  front baskets for keeping a purse or shopping bags, handle brakes and the ability to be folded for storage when purchasing any new adult knee walkers.

What Budget Medical Supplies has to Offer

Below are a few products from our selection of knee walkers and mobility scooters. To see our full selection, visit our Knee Walker and Mobility Scooter collection.

Adult Knee Walker - Budget Medical Supplies

Adult Knee Walker

Steerable Knee Walker - Budget Medical Supplies

Steerable Aluminum Knee Walker

Basket for Adult Knee Walker - Budget Medical Supplies

Optional Basket for Adult Knee Walker

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