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Walking Canes

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If you rely on a cane or walking cane, you're probably aware that the world isn't exactly easy to navigate for people who have a lesser degree of mobility than others.  A study by the National Library of Medicine reached the conclusion that out of 12 tests for accessibility in public buildings, no test saw a 100% compliance rate regardless of laws or regulations. So, why would using walking canes make your life more challenging? It’s important to choose the right walking cane that can help make your journey easier.
Visiting the right store can help you select the perfect cane accessories for your daily life. For instance cane tips can wear out more quickly than you think, so having a supply on hand is always a good idea. Quadruple cane tips widen the footprint of your cane, creating stability without the need for a walker. Cane ice tips are also good for navigating slippery terrain. Wrist straps are also a good way of keeping your cane in hand, especially during wet or cold weather. Fleece cane handle grips fit over the handles of most walking canes for men and women, improving grip and creating a more comfortable surface to hold.
Keeping your cane close by and organized is another way cane accessories can help. For instance cane racks are useful for organizing and keeping your canes in a position that's perfect for picking up and going. Cane racks are available in both aluminum and wooden models, to fit your home's decor. Cane holders allow canes to rest against the edge of a table without slipping, and are suitable for wooden canes and other surfaces without leaving marks. Be sure to check out all of the canes available at Budget Medical Supplies today to find the right cane or walking canes that can make all of your walks much easier.

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