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Adult Briefs & Underpants

Medical Reasons for Adult Diapers, Briefs, and Underpants

Many different types of conditions make it medically necessary to wear disposable underwear or adult diapers. Also referred to as briefs, these incontinence products allow adults to maintain a comfortable level of activity while retaining dignity. There are several different kinds of disposable adult undergarments that range from simple pads worn under clothing to more complete containment systems, as well as products meant to be worn during swimming and swimming pool therapy. These products vary in terms of levels of absorption and containment, for patients whose requirements are less severe, such as slight urine leakage, to those who require more containment from both solid and liquid waste. The moisture locking technology within these undergarments attempts to ensure that the skin stays dry and skin irritation is kept to a minimum.

Even Jet Fighter Pilots Wear Adult Diapers

Not every person who wears adult diapers has issues with incontinence. People confined to beds or wheelchairs may have no difficulty with bladder or bowel control but are unable to access a toilet regularly. There are also many non-illness related reasons for people to wear disposable undergarments: Astronauts, Guards who are unable to leave their post, Jet Fighter Pilots and Underwater Divers are all people who may be required to wear disposable underwear due to being unable to access a toilet for many hours at a time. There is also a segment of the population that just plain enjoys wearing Depends. In Japan, there is a movement to de-stigmatize disposable undergarments - in 2008 there was a fashion show designed to showcase the products.

Whatever your reason for needing to purchase disposable briefs or adult diapers, buying them from Budget Medical Supplies ensures your privacy and discretion.