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Back Supports & Neck Pillows

Easing back pain or neck pain with a back support or back pillow can provide real pain relief. While your doctors are taking care of the physical causes, you still need to function in your day to day life. So getting great back pain relief products like pillows and cushions can help make things just a little easier. If you’ve been using a backrest or a bed wedge, you might not know when it needs to be replaced. Much like the slow dimming of modern LED lights, you usually can’t tell when the effectiveness of your pain relief pillow until you can visually see that it has become misshapen.

There are a few good ways of testing a pillow to see if you require a new or different variety. For example, with a polyester pillow, folding it in half and placing a shoe on it is a good test - if the pillow unfolds on its own, it's still in good condition. If the pillow doesn’t spring back to its original shape, it's time for a replacement. Feather pillows should be folded in half and squeezed so as much air is pushed out as possible. If the pillow unfolds on its own, it's in good shape. The same rules apply to any sort of wedge, back pain relief cushion, etc.

Pillows that are synthetic are friendlier to people with allergies, as some people are allergic to feathers, and the synthetic fibers don't provide as adequate a food source for dust mites as one of the down variety. If you notice that your nights aren’t as comfortable as you remember them to be. Change it up with a new back support for pain relief or neck pillow from our collection.