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Bandage & Cast Protectors

Cast Protectors for Personal Care

A cast after an injury or surgery can be difficult enough to live with on its own, but protecting them during a bath or shower can be even more frustrating. It is essential to keep the cast dry so as not to promote bacterial and fungal growth which can lead to infection. Very special care must be taken to ensure the cast and the body part it is protecting are kept safe. In some cases this can prove to be so frustrating or inconvenient that it causes a lapse in personal hygiene. Waterproof cast covers and bandage protectors are a great way to make sure your personal care doesn't come at the expense of keeping a cast or bandaged wound dry.

Cast Protector Options

Getting a waterproof cast cover or cast protector keeps your cast and bandages dry. Simple plastic covers that slip over a cast and seal off are good for patients whose mobility is fairly unimpeded, while advanced solutions feature a vacuum air pump that can remove the air from inside the cast protector, creating a watertight seal that doesn't allow moisture into the cast or bandaged area. There are also adhesive patches that allow for bandaged areas of the torso to stay dry in water.

There are even solutions for patients that use prosthetics, meaning an artificial limb doesn't need to keep patients from enjoying the kinds of outdoor activity they are accustomed to, such as trips to the beach or enjoying a swimming pool.

Select the right cast protector for you in either adult or pediatric sizes for optimal fit and comfort.