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Bath & Shower Chairs

Bath & Shower Chairs for Safety

Using a shower chair or bath chair when taking a bath or a shower when you have limited mobility or a disability can provide greater bathroom safety. Slipping and falling in the tub is a fear that is very real when your balance is off. Fortunately, shower chairs can help a person take showers and baths on their own more easily or with the help of a caretaker. Being able to sit in the shower gives that sense of security and ease of use that can return a shower to a more relaxing bathtime experience.

The Difference in Chairs

Bath and shower chairs are convenient in that they make stability in the shower simple - if you don't need to keep your balance there's much less risk of slipping and falling. There are many different types of bath chairs, but they all have some basic features in common. Non-porous material construction, such as plastic, PVC, or steel and aluminum, ensure that the parts of the chair are able to wipe clean, won't rust or become a breeding ground for bacteria. But many bath chairs feature advanced options that make bathing easier and more pleasant. Shower chair with back support, foldability, reclining action, and removable parts or swiveling seats for easier entrance and exit from the shower or bathtub are available on many models.

In addition, there are a wide variety of bath chair accessories available that can enhance bathtime further, such as baskets that attach to the chair, to make bath products such as shampoo and body wash more easily accessible. Safety belts are another option that decrease the risk of falling while bathing even further.

We offer a variety of bath and shower chair options, but please contact us if you are not finding the bath or shower chair you are seeking.