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Shower & Bath Personal Care

A caretaker tasked with the responsibility of caring for a patient with special needs or reduced mobility has a number of challenges before them on a daily basis. Making sure hygiene is maintained can be difficult for both caretakers and patients, which is why there is a range of personal care products that make staying clean simpler and more convenient for both parties.

For personal care in a more un-conventional way, there are a variety of no-rinse hygiene products that don't require water to use. No-rinse shampoos, body wash, and conditioners are able to be used on the body and scalp, then toweled dry, leaving the body just as clean as a traditional bath. There are shower caps available with a perfectly measured amount of these cleaners built in that are dispensed as the cap is placed on the patient's head and massaged into the hair. What a convenient option for anyone that can’t actually get into the tub.

Similarly, adding a few capfuls of a body wash solution to a basin of water creates a soothing sponge bath. Use reusable or disposable washcloths and simply towel off to dry. No soap residues to rinse or tacky skin feelings. BudgetMedicalSupplies.com also offer all in one shampoo and body wash solutions that save both on time and money. These pre-packaged bath systems can be applied either directly from the package much like a baby wet wipe, or microwaved slightly to provide a soothing warm towel similar to a spa treatment.