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Bathroom Safety and Bath Care

Bathroom Safety

Bathing with any sort of injury is sure to be an inconvenience at best, and near impossible at worst. Even relatively minor injuries such as a sprained ankle can add 20 minutes to your usual bathing routine. Major injuries may require the addition of some bath/body accessories to your bathroom décor. Bath products like grab bars, shower chairs, tub lifts, or guard rails could heighten the accessibility of the bathroom and improve bathroom safety for you and anyone else in your household.

In 2008 alone, body and bath mishaps near the bathtub, shower, toilet and sink caused an estimated 234,094 nonfatal injuries. 81% of those injuries were falls. It only makes sense that the one room in the house with tiled floors and an abundance of water vapor, causes the most incidences of falls. So, in adding some bath care devices to your own bathroom, the entire family can benefit from a safer bath experience.

Selecting Bathroom Safety Products

When selecting your bath/body assistance products, keep in mind the length of time that the product will be needed, if the item will need to travel with the patient, and the available space inside the bathroom. Most items from BudgetMedicalSupplies.com fit into the standard tub or bath, but be sure to measure as your size constraints might necessitate a smaller product or something that folds away when not in use.

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If you need help in selecting the right body and bath products for your unique situation, feel free to contact us anytime. Representatives can help you find the right bathroom safety products at the right price.