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Bed Assist Rails & Fall Protectors

Why Use a Bed Assist Rail?

When a person is confined to a bed for a prolonged period of time, it's important to ensure their safety at every moment. Even when we assume that a person is going to be completely safe - such as lying in bed.  There is a collection of statistics that show this type of caution is more than warranted: 60-70% of falls in hospitals occur from the bed or a bedside chair, that more than 80% of these falls are unwitnessed, and that at least half of these accidents occur with patients who fall repeatedly. Seeing those numbers makes it clear that adult bed rails are a precaution worth taking.

Bed Rails Provide Mobility and Prevention

Of course, preventing accidents like these is a relatively straightforward affair: using bed rails and fall protectors. Bed rails are simple to install on most types of beds, and will prevent falls associated with movement during sleep or for patients who have difficulty with transitioning from a laying to a sitting or standing position. Bed rails also have the advantage of being secure, sturdy and stable; being attached to the bed itself means the user doesn't require complex motor skills, such as keeping balance on a cane or walker. However, portability doesn't need to be sacrificed as there are types of bed rail systems which are detachable and can be brought from place to place.

Adult bed rails are an extra layer of security for people who may be prone to injury via falls to or from the bed. Budget Medical Supplies has a wide range of styles of both bed rails and fall protectors that can suit any lifestyle or range of mobility.