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The Need for Bedpans

When you have to go, you have to go. Bathroom concerns while recovering after an injury or surgery can be challenging, especially due to loss of independence and mobility. There can be issues with simply getting out of bed, making a nighttime trip to the toilet impossible. Bed pans are a good temporary solution for short or long term convalescent care. Being able to eliminate bodily waste into a bedpan can be a benefit both emotionally and physically - some types of injury require the patient to be still for long periods of time so the wounds are not aggravated. Having a bed pan can help by ensuring the patient does not need to move more than necessary during the healing process.

Variety of Bedpans

Bed pans are available in a variety of forms to accommodate different needs, living situations and levels of mobility. There are traditional steel bed pans that are sturdy, reusable and easy to clean. These function much like the chamber pots from the time before indoor plumbing, with added modern comfort features. Fracture bed pans are designed specifically for patients who have suffered from a hip fracture and are unable to move sufficiently to use a standard bed pan. Bariatric bed pans are designed to be able to withstand high weight and are able to be slid under the patient to reduce the stress of movement. There are also disposable bed pans that are resistant to staining and cracking, and are less expensive than stainless steel varieties. Disposable varieties of bedpans are ideal for short-term convalescence where the bed pan is not required for use over extended periods.

Whether for long term or short term care, find a bedpan that makes bathroom concerns not a concern at all. Browse our collection of bedpans and find the right one for you at a great price.