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Bedside Commodes

People who are unable to use a standard toilet, whether it be due to recovering from surgery or any number of health conditions, have the ability to remain independent and self-confident with the use of a bedside commode. Acquiring a 3 in 1 commode can be incredibly convenient for patients who are not confined to a bed, and yet do not have the capacity to always be able to use a standard toilet. Many handicap toilet products have features such as the ability to be folded or taken apart for storage and transportation. This means that no matter where the user is, they will be sure that the bathroom facilities will be able to accommodate their needs. Non-porous materials such as aluminum, steel and plastic ensure that the bedside commode is incredibly easy to clean. Many handicap toilet products are created for security and stability, with weight limits from 300 up to 650 pounds.

Bedside commodes are multipurpose. In terms of being sturdy and stable, they can act as a good handhold for patients who have difficulty getting out of bed or standing from a seated position. This is especially useful for situations where space around the bed is limited. A walker or wheelchair might not be able to be within reach, while necessity dictates that the bedside commode needs to be nearby. The commode can act as the perfect intermediary step to mobility. In cramped quarters, moving from the bed to the commode and then to a standing position may help retrain muscles after surgery or injury.

Whether you need a bedside commode temporarily or as a permanent sanitation solution, Budget Medical Supplies offers discounted prices and discreet shipping.