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Bedwetting Alarms

Why We Need Bedwetting Alarms

Bedwetting, or nocturnal enuresis, is the release of urine during sleep. It is a troublesome issue and the causes of which are not yet fully understood. Adult bed wetting can be triggered by an excessive volume of urine or difficulty waking from sleep. It can also be exacerbated through constipation as well as alcohol or caffeine consumption. Even the handling of dandelions may induce bedwetting symptoms. Strange, but true.  

Urologists generally look into a number of methods in alleviating bed wetting among adults, including medication combinations. One of the most widely prescribed treatments, however, are bed wetting alarms. Bedwetting alarms operate via a pad worn in undergarments that are designed to sense any amount of urine that comes into contact with them. This in turn activates an alarm that is attached to the user’s shirt via a clip or Velcro strips. When urine is detected on the sensor pad, it causes the alarm to sound, waking the patient and alerting them to get up and use the bathroom. Through this, it is possible to train the body to recognize and respond to urges during sleep and act accordingly.

Types of Bedwetting Alarms

There are several types of bedwetting alarm systems to choose from, with different types of pads designed for male or female anatomy, as well as sensor pads that rest on the surface of the bed and cover a larger area. Wireless systems are also available that do not need to have a cable connecting the pad to the alarm box. In addition, the supplies for bed wetting alarms are generally less expensive than the medication route, with the sensor pads being the only item that needs regular replacing.

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