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Cane Tips & Accessories

Getting older can be a trying time with a number of challenges that must be faced and one of the most common is a loss of mobility. The most effective way for you to tackle this inevitable problem is with the use of a cane and the right cane accessories. Due to numerous reasons that includes arthritis to other types of injuries, the chances of needing a mobility device, such as a cane by age 65 is common. A recent poll of Medicare recipients shows that almost 25% of older Americans rely on a cane and rubber cane tips for stability.  This is up from 16 percent from 2004 to 2012 - a dramatic increase that's possibly due to more seniors living independently and living to an older age. That's good news for people entering their 60's, and also good news for people who require a cane and have a wider variety of accessories for canes to choose from, as well.

There are two basic types - the aluminum and wooden cane. Aluminum canes are sturdy and lightweight, and are typically the material of choice for custom cane features such as adjustable height. It’s ideal to choose hand grips as your cane handle for more comfort. A wooden cane is the choice for a stylish look, combining the utility of a sturdy walking cane with a classic yet timeless appearance. Regardless of the cane you select, adding cane accessories, such as rubber cane tips and other helpful devices is important.

Of course, different people have different requirements when it comes to staying mobile. This means looking at all the options of accessories for canes that are available to you. Some of these include a cane holder that will allow you to easily place your cane.

Regardless of the cane accessories you select, it’s important to get the highest quality items at the best possible price.  You can rely on BudgetMedicalSupplies.com to assist you with all your cane accessory needs to the most mobile life possible at any age.