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Cast Boots & Medical Shoes

Regardless if you’re an athlete or simply making your way through life it’s possible to endure a broken foot at some point, and this may require cast boots. When you consider the fact there are 26 bones in the foot, this can show you why that one in every ten bone breaks by an individual is in the foot.  Broken bones and fractures will typically require surgery, and it’s important for you to choose the right medical boots to wear post-op.

The symptoms of a broken foot include swelling, bruising and pain. Some foot injuries may only be a sprain, and if this is the case, you may be able to rely on a foot boot for a period.  However, if your foot turns blue, cold, numb or you are in severe pain; you should go to the emergency room immediately for X-rays and to determine if you need surgery. If so, you may be required to wear a walking cast or cast boots following your procedure.

Considering it may take several weeks for the bone in your foot to heal, you will want to choose cast boots that are comfortable and fit well. When purchasing this type of medical boots, be sure to look for one that has Velcro to assist with putting the foot boot on and taking it off with ease.

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