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Commode Pail Liners

Using a commode or shower chair is a good solution for people who have conditions that make them unable to use a standard toilet, due to illness, injury or surgery. But when using a commode, it is important to have the proper commode chair supplies for the job at hand. Commode pails are one such accessory, but are made even more convenient with the addition of a commode pail liner.

Commode pail liners are typically a universal product, meaning "one size fits all". As such, commode pail liners are able to fit most commode pails easily. The benefits to using a pail liner are numerous: The most obvious is that they save on cleaning and maintenance of the commode pail itself. Pail liners are also more sanitary, as it reduces the chances of contact with bodily fluids. Quality commode liners when properly sealed, will secure odors and keep the mess contained.

There are also commode pail liners that utilize a gel agent that helps with odor neutralization and reducing cross contamination, thusly resulting in a more sanitary commode environment. Biodegradable pail liners help the environment breakdown the liner to turn the contents of the bag into earth-safe compost. Liners may also utilize an absorbent powder so a caretaker simply has to tie off the bag to seal and dispose of waste in a discreet and sanitary manner. Whatever your preference in pail liner, save on them at Budget Medical Supplies.