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Why We Need Commodes

Taking care of nature's call should be a relief, but sometimes using a standard toilet is a pain. Leg or hip surgery may make sitting and raising from certain positions difficult or impossible. Extra support may be needed due to weight issues, bariatric surgery, or mobility difficulties. Also, incontinence might be a factor. Mild to moderate cases may make it possible for a patient to feel the urge to go, but not make it to the bathroom in time. Whatever the case, there are solutions to help. Incontinence products such as absorbent undergarments may be a bit extreme for some people. However, a commode is a practical and portable solution for people who have issues using standard toilets which allows the user to retain dignity and self-sufficiency.

There is a Variety of Commodes

Commodes are designed to be durable, sturdy and lightweight, made of nonporous materials such as plastic-coated steel, aluminum or PVC. These materials are easy to clean and waterproof, meaning they are able to be used in a variety of situations. Some portable toilet products are specifically designed for use in the shower, for example. There are commode models that offer advanced features such as adjustable height, tilting backs and a weight capacity of up to 650 pounds. In addition, most commodes are able to be folded or easily disassembled for portability, meaning the owner can be assured of perfect safety and comfort while traveling.

There are a wide variety of toilet accessories available from Budget Medical Supplies which make using a commode easier, such as splash guards that eliminate potential mess, and commode bucket liners that make disposing of waste easy and hygienic. Browse our larget collection of commodes.