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Convalescent Care

We can all use a little help at times. Over 1.4 million Americans are in some form of convalescent care, and up to another 2 million are in home care with the help of a friend or loved one. No matter if you’re convalescing after surgery or recovering from a health ailment, getting help will be necessary. A caring hand in a time of need can raise the spirits tremendously. As the Caretaker, providing convalescent home care services can be difficult and rewarding at the same time. As such, there are certain convalescent supplies that would be needed to tend to basic physical requirements and others that might make the job a little easier.

Most convalescing products that help with excretory needs, oral hygiene, and general daily care have gotten more efficient and convenient over time. Oral swabs are a pleasant new way to brush teeth, while disposable bibs with pockets keep crumbs in check. Bedpans, however, still perform the basic function they have for thousands of years. But, now they are available in different materials, colors, shapes, and sizes. Convalescent home care supplies can attend to the daily needs of a loved one while not making it the focus of the day. This allows both patient and Caregiver more quality time to interact about much more than physical bodily functions. Enjoy the time shared and leave the sanitation protocol to a footnote on the day’s events.

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