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Emergency & First Aid

Life can get challenging at times and emergencies do happen. Studies show that there approximately 136.3 million people that make a trip to the emergency room annually. However, if the injury is not severe, you may be able to treat it yourself with by having the right emergency & first aid products. Having supplies for emergencies on hand may save you a trip to the hospital and an expensive medical bill at the same time. Having the ideal emergency first aid kit is critical to getting through a variety of difficult situations.

Although there are millions of people that do go to the emergency room for assistance, only 11.9% of these individuals are admitted to the hospital. This indicates that some of the injuries may have been treated at home. In order to accomplish this goal, you must have the right emergency medical items on hand.

Some of the necessary emergency & first aid products that you will want to keep in your home may include bandages, band-aids, compresses, ammonia inhalant and cotton swabs to name a few. By having a stock of these medical supplies on hand, you will be better prepared to deal with less severe injuries.

Experts indicate that the average visit to the emergency room can be as much as $1,233 in 2013. You may also have to endure a long wait and it’s common for many insurance providers not to cover the entire cost of your visit. Be sure to have emergency kits nearby at all times to assist you and provide you with peace of mind. offers all of the emergency & first aid products you may need. You can find a wide selection of medical supplies and emergency kits here, as well.