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Emesis Basins

Caregiving typically includes attending to surgical wounds along with the handling of bodily concerns. After an injury or surgery, the infirmed will need medical supply and assistance for the repeated care of wound sites. Care must be taken in changing dressings and bandages, as well as cleaning the affected area of the body. An emesis basin, also known as a kidney dish, is instrumental for the sanitary care and treatment of wounds during the healing process.

The name "kidney dish" comes from the traditional shape of the emesis basin, with rounded edges and a curved bottom. This device is used for holding soiled dressings and bandages, as well as the sanitary disposal of certain wastes. The curved shape allows it to be placed right up against the patient’s body. Perfect dish for catching dribbling food, little bouts of vomit, or for holding the supplies for a procedure.

There are several varieties of emesis basin: the traditional model is stainless steel and reusable, and is ideal for patients that require long-term convalescent care. Steel is non porous, washable and able to be disinfected easily with bleach or other cleaners. They reduce waste and can be used in homes by disinfecting them in a dishwasher. There are also disposable models, with certain types being specifically designed for single use. The benefits of using disposable emesis basins are that they are less expensive and reduce the possibility of cross contamination when used in an environment where more than one person is in need of care. Emesis basins are able to be used in conjunction with larger wash basins which handle larger tasks.

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