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Finger Goniometer - Goniometers

If you suffered a hand injury, you might need to rely on physical therapy to help you get back in shape. Using your hands daily for work and recreational activities increases the possibility of an injury on this important body part. In fact, the latest study released by Bureau of Labor Statistics shows there were 17,000 hand fractures reported in the last year. You may need to be tested with a finger goniometer if this type of injury occurs to you.

By using finger goniometers, this will allow you or your physical therapist for that matter measure the range of motion in your finger joints. This is an ideal range of motion testing and measurement tool that may assist in determining how well your hands are healing and the amount of recovery time that may be left before you can return to work and do other things, as well.

Another way you can use a finger goniometer is by measuring the small joints on your toes if this is necessary. Having an injured toe and wondering when you will be able to have your full range of motion back is ideal.  For instance, if you’ve endured a bad toe stubbing, you may want to use this motion measurement device to determine when you’ll be toes will be back to normal.

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