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Heel & Elbow Protectors

Protect the Heel & Elbow Joints

Joint pain is more than just a serious issue for most people as they age, it can severely limit movement and even inhibit an otherwise active lifestyle. Chronic joint pain comes from a variety of sources, including injury, degenerative joint disease and arthritis, and can be severe enough to be debilitating. While medications can relieve pain temporarily, making sure your joints are protected can go a long way. Heel protectors and elbow protectors may immobilize the joint for a reduction of pain from strain.

Protecting Elbows

Take daily precaution by maintaining a simple regimen of rest and therapy. Compression with heel pads and protectors can reduce swelling, while applying heat and cold can alleviate pain. Elbow pads and protectors are also an excellent way to practice daily care for chronic joint pain. Able to be worn most of the time, these products help shield problematic joints from stress while simultaneously protecting them from the elements - bumps and jostling that can cause pain. An elbow protector with sufficient padding keeps elbows elevated above the heart.

Protecting Heels

Fortunately many of the same precautions used for elbow care can apply to heel care as well - keeping the joint elevated while at rest and protected with heel padding can reduce pressure on the foot and allow relief. Sufficient heel protectors can also provide relief in the heel associated with pressure sores from being immobile for prolonged periods. BudgetMedicalSupplies.com offers a comprehensive selection of heel and elbow protectors that are suitable for any condition.