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Impotence Devices

Everyone deserves the ability to have and enjoy intercourse without the interruption of a lost erection. When a man loses the ability to achieve or maintain an erection the condition is called; impotence. Impotence can occur due to psychological or physical factors such as diabetes, blood vessel problems, surgeries in the pelvic area, hormonal imbalances and other reasons. While some men might prefer to take medication, however if that method fails or if one does not want to take medication a vacuum pump, also referred to as a penis pump, can be used prior to sexual intercourse.

There are two different options to choose from when purchasing a vacuum erection device: manual and battery. The pump should go over the penis and be pumped either manually by hand or by battery power depending on which device is being used. As the air is being pumped out of the cylinder a vacuum is created that draws blood into the penis causing it to erect. After the penis is erect, a separate compression ring should slide down to the lower end of the penis to retain the erection.  

An erectile dysfunction should not cause a burden for anyone’s sex life. Most men are able to achieve and maintain an erection with proper practice and correct usage of a vacuum erection device. Choosing between a manual or battery pump is completely up to personal preference. A manual pump will require some physical exertion but is generally less expensive. While a battery pump is a little more advanced and allows men to create the perfect vacuum with the simple push of a button. Please call Budget Medical Supplies if you need help determining which pump is best for you!