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Lumbar Pillows

Why We Need Lumbar Pillows

Lower back pain - or lumbar pain - is one of the most common types of back conditions. This is for a simple reason: the lower back region is an area of the body that's very easy to injure because it's the location of a lot of strain and physical demand. From falling, twisting, or lifting, it's a very common sports injury as well. With all the possible ways to damage yourself, additional lumbar support is crucial to a fast recovery.

Lumbar pillows or rolls are a very good way of both maintaining a comfortable sitting position for preventative care as well as for treatment of lower back pain. A lumbar support pillow is placed in the small of the back, between the lower curve of the spine and the back of a seat. This helps maintain the normal curve of the spine and alleviates stress on the muscles surrounding it. Making sure the muscles in the lumbar region are cared for is important, as many common sources of lower back pain are caused by straining and tearing these muscles.

Types of Lumbar Pillows

Gel-filled lumbar support pillows will allow for long-lasting support, while inflatable models are easy to bring with you and use wherever is convenient. Memory foam cushions are perfect for maintaining exactly the right shape for the body's contours. High-back supports allow for comfort along the length of the spine, encompassing shoulders, middle and lower back. Shopping Budget Medical SuppliesĀ makes finding the right lumbar cushions, rolls, and lumbar pillows simple and convenient.