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Oral Care

When a patient is in convalescent care, he or she may require a fairly comprehensive suite of tasks to be performed by a Caregiver. It is assumed that with a decrease in mobility, hygiene of all sorts needs tending to. Oral hygiene goes right along with other personal care needs like bathroom assistance or grooming. There are a number of oral care products that are widely available for people with standard mobility, but when it comes to the patient who is more limited, a more specialized set of dental hygiene products may be necessary.

Buying standard toothpaste and toothbrushes are useful in most situations. But, if the patient has issues with sensitive gums, missing or damaged teeth or dentures, a more specialized product may be in order. Individual oral swabs are one such solution - generally consisting of a foam or cotton swab that contains an oral cleaning solution is useful for the patient that has dentures and needs care for the oral cavity. They even come in a refreshing mint or light lemon flavor.

Another solution available from Budget Medical Supplies is a sonic water jet system - a device that sends a jet of lightly pressurized water into the mouth, which is able to get food debris from hard to reach areas, such as dental appliances and dentures, crowns, splints, and other types of dental work. These also allow for a gentle massaging of the gums.

Don’t allow dental hygiene to lag behind wound care. Shop for oral hygiene products and let us know if you like the product flavors as much as we do.