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Overbed Tables

Why Use Overbed Tables?

When a person is required to stay in bed for an extended period of time, what happens at mealtimes? Does the food spill? Does the patient have to reach for a side table? What about activities? How can boredom be successfully staved off while making sure that healing and rest is still a priority? Overbed tables, or otherwise known as an over-the-bed-table, provide an elegant solution to a potentially unsafe situation.

The Value of Overbed Tables

It's well-known that maintaining mental activity during convalescence is important in the fight against boredom. Reading, playing games and keeping busy with low-stress activities on a bed tray table are great. Plus, overbed tables keep a patient from moving more than necessary to make sure wounds heal or that aggravating chronic conditions is kept to a minimum. In addition, limiting movement is important to maintaining personal safety. The less a person with a chronic condition has to get up from the bed, or twist to reach something, the less chances there are of slipping and falling. An overbed table ensures a safe and stable surface for work that can be attached to the bed or moved aside as is necessary.

In addition to providing a safe and sanitary surface to use every day, an overbed table from Budget Medical Supplies can assist in maintaining a healthy appetite. When a patient is in pain, it can cause a loss of appetite. Making sure a patient can eat comfortably on a bed tray table while remaining stationary can reduce painful experiences, which in turn can help maintain a proper appetite and hasten healing.

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