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Pessaries are a type of feminine medical device worn internally, to place additional pressure on the urethral area from within and support internal organs.

Pessary Treatments

Pessaries have been in use for millennia and are utilized to manage a wide range of conditions and impairments. A stone pessary was found in an ancient tomb, proof of the device’s effectiveness throughout the centuries. In modern times, these devices are made of latex or silicone and are intended to be inserted in the body to be worn on a semi-permanent basis. A pessary can be used to treat conditions such as a prolapsed uterus, prolapsed bladder, or stress urinary incontinence. Pessaries can also used as a means of dispensing medication so that it can be absorbed easily into the bloodstream.

Types of Pessaries

There are many different pessary types - cube pessaries are utilized in the treatment of urethral and vaginal conditions, such as strengthening the pelvic floor and assisting in blood circulation before surgery. There are varieties of pessaries that have an internal wire structure that allows them to be shaped to fit various anatomical uses. While it is recommended that the initial fitting of a pessary be done by a doctor or nurse, there are pessary types that are able to be inserted and removed by the user. For example, it is recommended that patients using cube pessaries remove the device nightly, which is possible after instruction from a physician. Similar to fitting a pair of shoes, a physician will insert a pessary; the patient will then test it out to see how it feels.

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