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Choosing the right pillow for the right situation is a very personal decision. While some people can sleep on anything - in feudal Japan, women used wooden pillows to preserve an elaborate hairstyle - most of us prefer something that's a little more comfortable. With the average adult human head weighing approximately 10 pounds, proper support is a requirement for achieving a good night's sleep and maintaining comfort. Bed pillows and body pillows can be used therapeutically, for healing or as part of a pain relief regimen. Some orthopedic pillows are available as a prescription for users whose chronic pain is severe enough.

Pillows designed to alleviate pain can be made of materials such as memory foam - a substance that molds itself to the shape of the body of the person using it. These provide much more support than synthetic fibers or down, and are commonly used by patients suffering from chronic neck or back pain. Memory foam pillows are also ideal for leg spacers, which are kept between the knees during sleep and make sure that the hips and the spine of the patient are kept in alignment. This can help with different kinds of back pain as well as improve posture.

Instead of grabbing a travel pillow at the airport, with a little planning you can find a more comfortable travel pillow without the stiff prices. Picking the right bed pillow to give you the best night's sleep possible is a dream come true with the wide selection available at BudgetMedicalSupplies.com.