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Portable Urinals

Why We Need a Portable Urinal

While it may not be possible for someone undergoing care to be completely independent in terms of using the bathroom, it does not necessarily have to mean the patient is dependent. Devices like shower chairs, bedpans, and urinals are ways to handle bathroom concerns with as little disruption as possible to the day.

Constructed of sturdy, non porous plastic, waterless urinal products are able to be kept near the bed or wheelchair of the patient for when the need arises. These portable urinal containers typically feature a handle that makes the urinal able to be held easily by convalescent patients and may include gradation markings to allow for the measurement of output. Another useful feature on many models is a removable cap than can be placed on the urinal after use, which contain odors until the device is able to be emptied by a Caregiver or the patient themselves.

Gender Specific Portable Urinals

Urinals are available for both men and women. Female urination device equipment are shaped differently to accommodate for the difference in biology. A female urinal usually has a large cupping spout to catch the flow easily. A male urinal has a narrower opening, but comparable liquid storage capacity. The plastic construction of a urinal means that it is inexpensive and can be considered disposable, but could also be washable if there is only one patient to care for.

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