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Shower & Bathtub Grab Bars

The slippery surfaces of a bathtub or shower stall can be tricky to navigate without grab bars. A slip and fall can cause serious injury. There are solutions such as bath and shower chairs, but for someone who is able to manage on their own without the need for assistance from a caregiver or excessive equipment, a grab bar can be the perfect solution.

Grab bars can be useful in many different situations but are primarily used in the bathroom, where getting up from a seated position can be difficult and dangerous due to smooth or wet surfaces. They also add extra security against slipping and falling. Bathroom grab bars can be found in several styles that can either be permanently installed or be movable to accompany a traveling patient.

Made of nonporous materials such as plastic or stainless steel and chrome, shower grab bars are easy to maintain and clean. Temporary models will typically be affixed with suction cups that are sufficiently strong enough to adhere to most smooth surfaces. There are grab bar models that attach to the edge of the bathtub for aiding in raising from a seated position, as well as shaped versions that can go around the proximity of the bathtub. There are also bathroom grab bars that blend in with the fixtures of your bathtub, such as grab bars with integrated soap dishes and corner shelves.

Browse the collection of bathroom grab bars and find one that suits your bathroom décor. Weigh your options and your mobility needs. Choose one that many be easy to install and/or easy to move if the need arises.