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Shower Chair Commodes

Shower Chairs for Safey

Bathing or taking a shower can be difficult when a person has limited mobility, especially when that condition is made more severe with the addition of incontinence or other issues. Fortunately, a commode chair can help alleviate a lot of issues someone with limited mobility can face, especially when practicing hygiene. A handicap shower chair is perfect for users who are independent enough that they can bathe or shower on their own, while providing the security necessary for shower safety. The commode chairs featured here are made of non-porous materials such as plastic coated steel, aluminum and vinyl. This means that they are waterproof and able to be cleaned quickly.

Choosing the Right Shower Chair

Handicap shower chairs and commodes typically have a number of features that make bathing easier for people with mobility impairment, such as wheels and castors for movement. Other features include drop arm assemblies that make transferring from a wheelchair or positioning oneself in the shower easier. Many shower commode chairs also feature luxury accessories such as removable padded seats, elongated seats and leg/lumbar support. Different models feature the ability to tilt, making the bathing process easier for patients that require a caregiver's assistance. And of course, these chairs can just as easily be utilized as a standard bedside commode.

Purchasing a commode chair with an attractive design and appearance is a consideration as well. Shower commode chairs no longer have to look institutional or cold, and can add to the character of the room they are used in, as well as provide that extra sense of safety. Shower chairs are available that use a wood grain print to give a warmer appearance while still retaining their non-porous, waterproof utility. Find one that fits your d├ęcor and price considerations among are large selection of shower chairs, all at a great price.