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Splash Guards

Commodes and shower chairs are good solutions for patients who are unable to use a standard toilet easily, but you may be surprised to know that there are a range of accessories that can assist in making the experience more sanitary and dignified. One such accessory is the splash guard. A splash guard affixes to the front of a commode or standard toilet seat and prevents urine from escaping if the patient has limited control over their condition. This results in a sanitary environment as urine is directed into the toilet bowl or commode pail, and reduces cleaning for caretakers.

There are several varieties of splash guards; made of either soft or rigid plastic depending on the needs of the specific individual. The splash guard is attached to the front of the commode or toilet seat, and most are able to be placed temporarily. Splash guards are an added convenience for any caretakers that are required to clean. Since they are made from nonporous materials, it just takes soapy water to clean them. Also, with the ability to fit most standard and elevated toilet seats, splash guards are able to be used in homes where a toilet is shared among people with different levels of mobility. For environments where several people of differing levels of impairment are using the same toilet, there are splash guards that feature a flexible arm that allow the guard to be repositioned for each person using it. The entire family can easily use the same toilet.

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