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Underpads & Incontinence Pads

Why Use an Underpad or Incontinence Pad?

Wake up wet one day and dry the next. Nighttime incontinence accidents are nearly impossible to predict. Sometimes worrying about soiling your bed can itself cause a measurable amount of stress. A way to alleviate this stress is to be better prepared for it. Incontinence pads can be a great tool in dealing with these nighttime leakages.

Getting bed wetting pads in place before sleep can offer some peace of mind. Using a waterproof mattress pad can also help ensure that the evidence of bedwetting can fade away like the recollection of a dream, so you can move on with your day.

Types of Underpads for Incontinence

Reusable bed pads, or underpads, are made of absorbent materials designed to be used for overnight or extended periods. They typically have a non-pourous underside that may contain anti-microbial properties in the fabric itself. The absorbent side usually features a light-medium flow containment, perfect for occasional urinary incontinence issues. Machine washable incontinence pads could be used on chairs, mattresses, or any other furniture that is at risk of being soiled.

In the long run, reusable underpads are more cost effective and environmentally friendly than disposable products. But the tradeoff is an influx of laundry to take care of. Patients and their caretakers must weigh the options and consider the situations that an incontinence pad must be used for. If it will be used strictly for bet wetting incidences, than access to a washer will be easy. If most situations that would require leakage protection are out in the public, than disposable might be more appropriate.

No matter if you buy reusable or disposable, purchase for home or away, or let your environmental conscience be your guide, Budget Medical Supplies can offer you fantastic discounts on bed pads.