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Arch Cradles - Budget Medical Supplies


Arch Cradles

$ 26.78

Arch Cradles®

Orthopedically designed comfort orthotics that provide soft support for weak, flat arches, heel and ball-of-foot pain. The 3/4-length orthotics fit comfortably in most footwear.

Arch Cradles Benefits
  • Relieve heel, arch & general foot pain
  • Orthopedically-designed & proven effective
  • Heel cushioning, arch support, metatarsal padding
  • Support weak & fallen arches, flat feet
  • Fit easily in most footwear styles
How to Use and Care Instructions
  • Position Arch Cradles with the heel of the support snugly against the heel of the shoe and the raised arch along the inside edge of the shoe
  • Arch Cradles can be scissor trimmed, use sharp scissors and cut along trim line
  • Hand wash in warm, soapy water, rinse thoroughly, press in towel to remove excess moisture, air dry completely before reuse

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