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CPR Pocket Mask with Hard Case - Budget Medical Supplies

American Diagnostic Corporation (ADC)

CPR Pocket Mask with Hard Case

$ 23.20

CPR Pocket Mask with Hard Case, One-Way Valve, & O2 Inlet
  • A soft flexible dome that can be easily squeezed around the nose, mouth, and chin of the victim
  • A standard 15 mm port that can be used with bag-mask resuscitation units or aerosol tubing
  • A compact mask valve with quick two-piece assembly
  • Features elastic strap
  • Latex-Free
  • Fully assembled - ready to use
  • Features mask with O2 inlet, one way valve filter, head strap, and gloves
  • One-way valve and filter prevents backflow of air contaminants from patient to rescuer

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